How to Find the Perfect Font for Your Project

There are over 500,000 known fonts in existence today. How do you narrow that down to pick the perfect one for your engraving project?

First to pick the style of font, determine for whom you are choosing the font. Is the recipient someone who would enjoy a more whimsical font?
Or does your special person fall into the no-nonsense, modern category?
Does the person you are choosing for enjoy something more bold, yet traditional? Who you are choosing the font for has a huge influence on what font style you lean toward. After you’ve determined the font style then you can narrow it down even further with font types!

Font types typically fall into three categories: serif, sans serif, and script.
Serif just means that there are tails and feet to the letters; serifs are usually more traditional types of font. Sans serif means there are not tails and feet to the letters and they are typically more modern-looking fonts. Script fonts usually have more of a flowy, handwritten feel to them. The type of font you choose can change the look and feel of the project immensely.

Choosing a font doesn't have to be overwhelming. If you’re finding it difficult to narrow down your font choices, we have a font sampler to help! It includes traditional, modern and whimsical fonts along with serif, sans serif and script fonts. And if you still are having problems whittling down your choices, we are more than happy to lend a hand! Please contact us at or give us a call (719) 600-3110

Every font has its place. You just have to decide if your project is the place that font deserves. 

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