What's in a Name (Tag)?

As small business owners, we spend so much time trying to make sure that our spaces are welcoming, professional-looking, and put-together. If we have products, we are careful to merchandise them with beautiful packaging and easy-to-read price tags; and, if we are a service-based business, we thoughtfully cultivate the items that warmly greet our clients in our office/shop. However, too often, we forget about small, simple things and how they can influence our clients’ perception of our services/ products. One, often overlooked, item that can make a big impact on how your clients perceive you is a name tag.

Here are five ways that engraved name tags can help your business in a big way.

Engraved Blue Name Tag


Hi! My Name Is…
The obvious first advantage of wearing a name tag is that people will know your name and the name of your business. Immediately you have created a welcoming environment and a personal connection as you introduce yourself and your business.

Elevate the Experience
Using a well-made name tag instantly elevates your business professionally. Businesses who are serious about their services/ products take the time and money to invest in professional signage like name tags. Even a small business can do business like a big one with some well-crafted name tags.

Build Your Team
Name tags create a sense of community among your team members. Just like sports players wear jerseys, your professionally-made name tags are the jerseys for your business team! Give your employees a sense of pride and belonging by providing them with name tags.

Cultivate Personal Accountability
Using name tags in your business means that your customers know who they talked to even if they weren’t formally introduced. This fosters a culture of personal responsibility in your business team; and, you know exactly who to reward when a customer raves about the experience they had with “Josiah” rather than “the guy at the front desk.”

Every Day Marketing
Lastly, a little-known benefit of name tags in your business is active passive advertisement regardless of where you are. With one glance, at an event, people know who you are and what your business is. Put your name out there, effortlessly, with a professionally-made name tag!

Don’t have a name tag yet? We’d love to help you craft one (or more)! Our laser engraved name tags are durable, beautiful, and professional-looking. They feature magnetic backers so they can be easily added to any outfit. We offer them in a variety of colors/ finishes, so you’re sure to find one that will complement your business brand colors.

Order yours here today!

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